Mudi River Footbridge in Malawi

Good news from Malawi. After a late start due to continuing rains rapid progress has been made in the construction of the new footbridge spanning the Mudi River. The latest photograph from Malawi shows the footbridge nearing completion with only the approach paths remaining to be filled-in and the footbridge itself to be painted.

Contrast the scene less than a year ago where the children were forced to wade across a raging torrent in order to get to school. The same children can be seen standing under the new footbridge safe in the knowledge that this year they will be able to use it whatever the weather in complete safety. The combination of the road bridge over the Milo River and the new footbridge over the Mudi River will mean that the Rotary Club of Sherborne Castles will have completed its objective of ensuring that no child in the district will be swept to their death during future rainy seasons. In addition their parents can go to market, the new maize mill and to the clinic throughout the year.

HRK 17.09.14

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