Our Fund Raising Events and Activities

Fundraising events help us to generate the revenue needed for us to support local projects and to provide donations to local organisations and charities.

Frequently it is possible for us to increase the value of the funds we raise by using matched funding opportunities through our Rotary District and also from the Rotary Foundation, Rotary’s own charity.   £1,000 can become £4,000 for certain projects through the Rotary Grants process.

Our Local Fundraising
Our club organises various events and activities in Sherborne for fundraising purposes and we are able to make donations and support projects for many local organisations through this activity.  In the past six years we have distributed £88,887 from our Club Charity Fund to sixty, mostly local, organisations.   During that six year period the breakdown of those donations was:

Our International projects
These are frequently initiated by individual Rotarians who organise fundraising events, obtain global grants to maximise the funds raised and then follow through with the project liaising with local Rotarians in that country while the work is being carried out.    The projects frequently lead to long term relationships with these overseas communities which benefit everyone.  During the past six years funds donated to international projects have included:

  • £11,886 has been donated to our ongoing project in Malawi.
  • £2,530 to the Fiji Bridge Project
  • £2,300 to Polio Plus, the polio eradication project for which the Bill Gates Foundations gives £2 for every £1 raised by Rotary.

Sherborne Classic and Supercar ShowThis is event is run as a separate fundraising activity as it is run jointly between our club and the Rotary Clubs of Yeo Vale and Brue Valley.    Since Rotary started running this show as a charity fundraising event in 2014 , it has distributed over £171,000 to charities within a 30 mile radius of Sherborne.