International Projects

Whilst the majority of the Club’s activity is directed towards local charities and good causes, the Rotary Club of Sherborne Castles also raises money for deserving international causes. The ratio is usually about 75% – 80% local and 20% – 25% international in any one year.

Our International team further divides the money which it raises between global or ‘corporate’ Rotary programmes and individual discrete causes. Examples of the former include Polio Now! – a huge international effort to stamp out polio around the world – as well as Survival Box and Water Box, two UK originating campaigns to ensure that people in disaster areas receive the basic equipment required for their survival and the clean water they desperately need in the wake of earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters.

Money allocated to small, one-off projects usually result from direct requests or from the personal involvement of connections of a local Rotarian. These projects aim to provide a direct, one-off benefit to a community to help them look after themselves. Examples include assistance given to a village in Malawi to store and grind their own grain, plus the construction of a bridge to allow easy access to the village.

Medical equipment for Ecuador

Other projects include the provision of 500 quail chicks to a group 130 street children in Bolivia who have now established a small business providing quail eggs to local hotels.

Recently, the Club helped equip a small medical centre in Ecuador bringing basic medical treatment to a poor, isolated community.