HVR 2019 – Review & Prize Winners

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The Historic Vehicle Rally took place on Sunday, August 25th, 2019 under glorious blue skies. The 120 entrants started with a 40 mile rally around the local countryside and ended showcasing their fabulous vehicles to members of the public at The Courts at Sherborne School. The rally included a brief stop at Henstridge Airfield, where participants had the opportunity to have their vehicle photographed next to a Tiger Moth! – see the Rally Route Map here.

Mr and Mrs M Wadman in their Bentley Mk VI Special

In addition to looking at the wonderful vehicles and talking to their owners, visitors were serenaded by the Sherborne Town band and able to try and guess the make and model of a crushed car. Many vehicle owners entered into the spirit of the event and dressed up for the occasion, wearing costumes appropriate to the age of their vehicles!

The event raised £3,000, with the principal beneficiaries being the Sherborne Town Band and the SAYCC Tinney’s Youth Club, as well as other local charities.

We would like to thank the patrons, sponsors, volunteer helpers and the many members of the public who turned out to make the event such a success.

Prize Winners

The trophies were presented by Councillor Jon Andrews, Mayor of Sherborne – for a full list of the Trophies click here.

Master Class Qualifiers

The Master Class was introduced in 2012 to give a wider selection of cars a greater chance to win the various class prizes. Under this arrangement, the motorcar entrants that win 1st prize in their class are automatically elevated to a separate ‘Master Class’. Therefore any car that has won their respective class, from veteran to Classic 60s, in the previous two years are assigned to the Master Class in the next year, i.e. 2018 and 2019 class winners  are assigned to the 2020 Master Class. The following entries have qualified for the 2020 Master Class:

Qualifiers from the 2019 event:

Trophy Class Winner Vehicle
DVCA Trophy Master Class J Ryley 1926 Rolls-Royce
Derek James Veteran Not Awarded
Hunts Dairies Vintage J Moore 1936 Alvis
Seymours Post Vintage T Lane 1938 SS 100 Jag
Rotary Rose Bowl Post War D Holloway 1959 Jaguar
Terry Dare Classic 60s D Addey 1962 Lancia

Qualifiers from the 2018 event:

Trophy Class Winner Vehicle
DVCA Trophy Master Class A Wheatley 1937 Lanchester
Derek James Veteran Not Awarded
Hunts Dairies Vintage J Moore 1928 Alvis
Seymours Post Vintage R LeFlufy 1933 MG
Rotary Rose Bowl Post War R Owen 1956 Sunbeam
Terry Dare Classic 60s L Thomas 1966 Maserati

2019 Motorcar Class Winners

Master Class
Dorset Vintage &
Classic Auctions Trophy

J. Ryley
1926 Rolls-Royce

Vintage Class
Hunt’s Dairies Trophy
J. Moore
1926 Alvis

Post Vintage Class
Seymours Trophy
T. Lane
1938 SS 100 Jag

Post War Class
Rotary Rose Bowl
D. Holloway
1959 Jaguar

Classic 60s Class
Terry Dare Trophy
D. Addey
1962 Lancia

Most Original Class
Brian Chant Plate
R. Lloyd
1960 Alvis

Best Overall Class
Westbury Garage Trophy
D. Addey
1962 Lancia

Light Commercial Class
Godden & Curtis Trophy
G. Wiltshire
Austin Taxi

Most Desired Class
Tim MacBean Trophy
D. Addey
1962 Lancia

Oldest Car on Road Run
Gordon Guppy Trophy
J. Orford
1902 Renault

Modern Thoroughbreds Class
Newland Trophy
B. Walker
1983 AC Cobra

Most Suitably Dressed Occupants Class
Pedley & White Trophy
D. Addey
1962 Lancia

2019 Motorcycle & 3-Wheelers Class Winners

Veteran & Edwardian Class
Carnival Trophy
G. Warren
1915 Triumph Baby
Post War Class
David Norman Trophy
M. Weaver
1957 BSA A10
Classic 60s Class
Furlong Tyres Trophy
T. Horrocks
1960 Lambretta
Classic 70s Class
Hunt’s Frozen Foods Bowl
C. Rand
1972 BSA A 75
Most Original Class
Mike Plummer Trophy
T. Horrocks
1962 Lancia
Best Overall Class
Able Driving School Trophy
S. Bowden
1951 Velocette
Sidecars & 3-Wheelers Class
Ken Doyle Trophy
G. Wiltshire
1957 Bond MiniCar
Most Desired Class
Norman Brister Trophy
G. Wiltshire
1935 Beardmore
Oldest Motorcycle on
Road Run

Gordon Guppy Trophy
G. Warren
1915 Triumph Baby