Week 40 – Emergency homes for Cyclone Idai victims

Thank you Sherborne for supporting our event to raise funds for the cyclone victims in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

Due to your generosity we raised, £376 in the “cafe” and £700 from the street collection which,  together with other generous donations, is sufficient to enable us to purchase three shelter boxes to provide shelter and emergency equipment for those who have lost everything due to cyclone Idai.    See latest news from Shelterbox who have a team out in Malawi where it is estimated that 125,000 people  have no home.

We have received news that one of the bridges which our club has helped to get built in Malawi, supported by local Rotary clubs, has been badly damaged by cyclone Idai.  These bridges are extremely important to these small rural communities and we are in touch with local contractors who are assessing the damage.  

Non-emergency Support by Rotary Donations Trust

Following the devastating cyclone and extended periods of heavy rains and flooding, the Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland Donations Trust has launched the “Cyclone Idai Non-Emergency Appeal”.

It is estimated that almost 1 million people have been affected by the disaster across southern and eastern Africa, with hundreds of thousands forced to flee their homes.

The Donations Trust is a registered charity (Reg No.1119688), established in 2007, which collates donations and makes grants to Rotary projects working to rebuild communities in the long term, rather than acting as a first responder.

If you wish to support the ongoing emergency response, you can either donate to the Disaster Emergency Committee appeal or a Rotary-supported first responder such as ShelterBox or our own Somerset based Water survival Box project run by Rotarians in Somerset.

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