Big Lottery TakepArt Project at Sherborne Youth Centre

Members of Sherborne Castles Rotary club show that they are not afraid to get their hands dirty when it comes to helping out with this local project.

Sustainable building techniques are being used to construct a new building in the grounds of Sherborne Youth Centre, which will ultimately be suitable for use as an educational and meeting venue.   It will provide a ‘technology free’ (no mobiles of electronic devices allowed) space where young people can gather for day time group work and socially during club evening sessions.

This is a community project with a large proportion of the labour needed being provided by the local community, building a construction which uses straw bales and cob construction, sourcing local materials and incorporating art pieces such as stained glass, wood and stone carving which have been made at community workshops for this purpose.

It is expected that in the region of 150 local people will be involved in this project building new friendships and learning new skills, whilst also building a beautiful building filled with hand crafted features showcasing the talents of local individuals and groups, and providing a lasting legacy for the TakepArt Big Lottery project.

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