Week 42 – Breakthrough – a Dartmoor challenge

The hardest thing they have ever done!  That was the comment from three youngsters from Sherborne when they returned from Dartmoor, tired, a little sunburnt and hungry!


They had taken part in a three day expedition on Dartmoor, specially designed to give selected young people the opportunity to experience life changing challenges on Dartmoor.

The is the Breakthrough project and our club helped sponsor three students, George Johnson, James Peace and Byron Kadir, to attend this excellent course based on the philosophy that “powerful change, comes from positive people”.

They were taken into Dartmoor National Park to hike from North to South, a distance of 35 miles, taking responsibility for navigation, route finding and risk assessment as they crossed the moor.  They were responsible for taking control of their shelter, water and food each night. and in the process the interaction with each other and the course leaders challenges their beliefs and values.

Part of the challenge is to learn how to resolve conflicts and negotiate a sensible way forward, introducing them to strategies which enable them to adopt appropriate ways of interacting with their peers and teachers, ultimately enabling them to resolve the issues in front of them.

The Breakthrough Project has been designed, organised and run for Rotary by Jack Russell Coaching who have worked in the field of personal development and coaching since 1986. In that time they have worked with over 100,000 people.  At the end of this year’s event Jack Russell was presented with the prestigeous  Paul Harris Fellow recognition by District Governor Stewart Cursley in recognition of his services to Rotary in setting up the RYLA and Breakthrough courses.

Our club is proud to have been able to sponsor these youngsters in what we hope has been a life changing challenge for them.



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