Week 32 – The Legacy continues ………

The 2012 Olympic Games was the catalyst for Rotary in Sherborne to set up a legacy project which would provide £500 each to two young athletes attending the Gryphon school in Sherborne.  The intention was that this would continue for 4 years until the next Olympic Games.

Well, the Rio Olympics have come and gone but our legacy goes on.  Such is the support and enthusiasm for this project that we are still providing this legacy, in the name of Andrew Simpson who, after his success at the 2012 sailing events, subsequently lost his life during the America’s Cup in 2013
Olympic Bursary winners 2019

This years beneficiaries of this Olympic Bursary, the 7th to be awarded, visited our club this week each delighting us with a presentation of their skills, experience and ambitions in their chosen sport.

Imogen Kimber’s chose sport is Gymnastics.
She is just 12 years old and trains three times a week.  These are her achievements so far:
  • Started competing at age 6
  • Competed in 2017/2018 British Championship
  • Team Gymnastics – 3 elements – Tumbling, Trampette & Vault and Floor
  • Goal: within 5 years to qualify for Junior GB Team
  • Bursary will help with training and travel costs and competition kit
Ethan Moody is a windsurfer and you can find him on Facebook  – https://www.facebook.com/EthanMoody317/
  • 16 yrs old
  • Started competing at age 14
  • 9th in under 15’s World Championships
  • Current RS:X National Youth Champion
  • Aim – Olympics in next 5 years

Our grateful thanks go to Alan Cummings, Head of PE at the Gryphon school for his support with this project for the past 7 years.  

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