What Youth Activity is planned for 2013?

Club Competitions
• A very successful Youth Speaks competition was held on 26th November with 9 teams competing. The winning team from the Gryphon School.will go forward to the regional level at St Mary’s School Puddletown on February 28th, together with two runners up both from Sherborne Prep.

Youth Groups
• Tinneys – donation of £500 allocated for a specific project.
• Skatepark project – a donation of £5000 has been made and it is hoped this will be a long term project which the club can support.

Olympic Legacy Bursary

• Interviews for the bursary  have been held with 15 shortlisted candidates, all are of a high standard in their various sports which include…..shooting, kayak sprinting, badminton, pentathlon, dance.

Chernobyl Children’s Life Line
• A cheque for £300 was made to the chairwoman of the charity on Monday 7th January.
Due to the introduction by the government of visas for the children visiting Britain an additional £800 has been required to the charities fund raising efforts.

Youth Camps and Tours

• The club is in the process of helping twins to access the opportunity of an organised camp run by Rotary next summer. Both girls have now applied to a variety of camps and are waiting to find out if they have been selected.

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