Update from David Pearson in Malawi

David and Marjorie Pearson are currently in Malawi and have sent us an update on the Milo bridge project.    Here is an extract describing the bridge project:

“Great excitement here about the bridge and it was fantastic to see it yesterday complete and being used.

Whilst David was looking at the construction with Hester I was able to chat to people crossing the bridge.  A lady carrying a heavy load of pots was so happy to cross the river in safety.  The children who collected the maize from our vehicle to deliver to the carers in community were able to carry 25kg on their heads with no problem and cross the river safely.  An elderly gentleman was so happy to show his appreciation and discuss the benefits for the community. Access the clinic, the school and also to the nearby communities.  A student from the school where I work shared with me how his journey to school had improved especially in the rainy season.   Finally a young girl was crossing the bridge in the opposite direction from school. She was delighted to be able to visit her friend across the river with safety and more frequently.  “Social Networking”!   

What can I say. It was just an amazing time for me, seeing how all the planning and hard work of the project had come together to enable the bridge to be built. 

A Rotary Project which has truly changed lives.”

With regard to the maize mill Marjorie says:
“Yesterday David went early in the morning to the clinic and the maize mill to discover to his delight that the electricity wiring is in place and hopefully the supply will be connected to the hospital and the maize mill. The wiring in the hospital has to be up graded a little and then they will be able to switch on the lights.”

David and Marjorie are continuing to drive this project forward which includes, adding extra ramps to avoid erosion during heavy rain and reviewing the Councils progress on improving the access road.

Their enthusiasm for this project is very evident – well done David and Marjorie.

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