Week 37 – Aubrey Allen Award – recognises good citizens amongst young people in Sherborne

Two exceptional young students from the Gryphon School inspired us with their volunteering work with refugees.

Inspired by a visit to the school by SHARES (Sherborne Area Refugee Support)  Holly Taylor and Dora Sellaway set about find ways to help those in need.  Their first project was raising funds for Tear Fund Three of them lived on beans and rice for 5 days with the aim of raising £500 to help people overseas who struggle to feed their families – they actually raised £637.

Through Shares they learned about refugee problem and decided they wanted to go to Calais to help refugees there.  Three of them spent 5 days at a number of camps in France, where they  made many refugees friends, and where impressed by how optimistic they were when their future was so bleak

Both these girls plan  to continue their volunteering work and are making plans for their Gap year which may included going to Indian to teach children in the slums of Delhi.

The enthusiasm and confidence of these two youngsters from the Gryphon School, when they visited our club to receive their awards, was truly inspiring and we felt they were very worthy recipients of the books presented through the Aubrey Allen Fund which recognises good citizens amongst the youth of Sherborne.

What is the Aubrey Allen Award?    Aubrey Allen  was a member of the original Sherborne Rotary club who wanted to encourage and reward young people of school age to take part in activities outside the school curriculum especially those helping others. Each year the Club seeks two nominations from The Gryhpon School, who are each awarded book tokens to the value of £40.





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