Week 9 – What a Washout!

Months of planning, hours of organising – the organisation for this years Historic Vehicle Rally was the best for a long time ……. and then it rained ….. and it rained….. and it rained…….

So this was the 2018 Historic Vehicle Rally 

Report by Sue Thomas-Peter. ……….the logistics of the event went well and the Rotarians who pledged to be there did their usual supportive job but because of the weather it as virtually a wash out.

There was light rain from early morning but unfortunately by 10 am the rain had increased to a consistent and heavy downpour which clearly put off very many exhibitors, of the 120 booked in only about 40 actually turned up with only about 20 of them going on the rally’

By 2pm when things usually get going most of the few intrepid motor cyclists had gone as had some cars. As for visitors there were virtually none as by then until around 3.30 it tipped it down and people huddled under the archway.   The Mayor came at 2.30 ish but it was raining so hard that he stayed with me under cover for most of the time.

By 3.30 when the heavy downpour eased a little it was decided to do the prize giving and so he and I did the necessary in quite blustery conditions…… I dread to think what the photos will be like……..I hope she is a whizz at photoshop! The town band still turned out and played under the cover of the cloisters …………..at one stage it felt like the band on the Titanic!

It was so very unfortunate as everything was in place for an excellent event and the chaps who organised it had put such a lot of work into it…….a real shame.”

(I was travelling home from Cumbria (sorry but it didn’t rain that badly on the M5)

I can only thank everyone who helped with the organisation, the Rotarians and others who turned up on the day to help marshal the event, those who arrived in their classic cars and motorcycles, the Mayor of Sherborne who presented the prizes, and the town band who never gave up.


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