Week 8 – Rotary in Action at home and overseas

We are launching “Friends of Rotary in Sherborne” to support us with our very busy schedule of activities.

If you are too busy to become a regular member of our club, but would like to support your local Rotary club and its activities,  you may like to consider being a Rotary Friend.

As a Friend of Rotary in Sherborne, you can support us in a variety of ways ranging from helping at a Rotary fund raising event, sponsoring an event, or collaborating with us to strengthen our community links.

This is my personal invitation to you to become a Friend of Rotary in Sherborne, and I would particularly like to hear from you if:

  • You are an ex-member of our club
  • You would like to help us at one of our events
  • You would like to sponsor a Rotary fundraising event
  • You belongs to an organisation in the Sherborne area and would like to collaborate with our club
  • You would like to make donations to Rotary or an activity we are involved with

As a “Friend” you will receive information from us from time to time to keep you up to date with our club’s activities.    Follow this link to email me and find out more.

Penny Underwood
Sherborne Castles Rotary

When disasters happen in the world then Rotary works with Rotarians in the country where the disaster has happened, not necessarily as first responders but working to re-build communities in the long term.

Floods in Kerala have displaced nearly one million people while 373 have lost their lives.  There has been an extensive rescue operation undertaken by the Indian Government and Rotarians in India but when the rains stops and the water recedes one of the most critical challenges will be the rebuilding of homes, schools and community centres.

RIBI has launched a “Kerala Flood Appeal”  The donations will be used to re-construct communities most in need of support working with local Rotary Clubs to identify projects.

Two more Earthquakes hit Lombok, Indonesia the second measuring 6.9 which triggered landslides and came hours after an earthquake of 6.3 magnitude.   Both earthquakes were on Sunday 19th August. 2018 with massive aftershocks following.

The Island has been hit by hundreds of aftershocks since the first 6.9 magnitude earthquake hit on the 5th August killing 460 people.  Shelterbox  confirms that thousands of people remain displaced on the Island.   The Shelterbox team in Lombok is safe and well and waiting for aid to arrive via trucks and ferries.


Shelterbox are making arrangements with Rotary on Lombok and the local government to make sure that they can get it to families as soon as possible.


Rotary in Somerset also has a first responder in Water Survival Box  which is shipping 400 boxes to Kerala.   These boxes provide rapid response for families who don’t have access to fresh water and who have lost their homes and all their possessions.  

If you wish to donate to help Rotary provide this urgent support then please click on the links above.

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