Week 5 -Picnic at Poyntington

It’s summer and the sun is shinning so it must be time for a picnic.  Members of Sherborne Castles Rotary headed off to Poyntington for a picnic with a difference, because it included history, music and dance in the wonderful setting of Poyntington Manor.

The village of Poyntington was celebrating some of it’s history.

The History  400 years ago, after Raleigh’s second and unsuccessful expedition to Guiana to explore the Orinoco and search for gold, he was summoned from Plymouth to London. He stopped in Sherborne to visit Sir John Digby who was of course the new owner of Raleigh’s onetime home. He moved on to Poyntington Manor, home of his old friend Sir Edward Parham. King James wanted to maintain the peace between England and Spain, and Raleigh had compromised it by attacking the Spanish.

After much London politicking,Raleigh was beheaded on 29 October 1618. His last words were to the executioner (who had hesitated): “What dost fear? Strike, man, strike!”

The picnic was enjoyed by our members in a field nearby, and the music and dance  was provided by the Wessex Morris Men who were great traditional entertainment in the courtyard.  ……  yes they really are all men ….. surely they should be Morris People?  Even Rotary has worked out that half the population is female and we have a lot to offer!

Homeless on Tuesday, re-homed by Thursday

That was us!  Very sadly our venue (and spiritual home), the Crown in Sherborne, advised us that they are closing down.  This was disappointing as they have been very supportive of our club since we moved back there earlier this year, providing us with a regular meeting place and a great buffet for our Rotary Awareness Event in April.

The good news is that Steve at the Carpenters Arms has stepped in at very short notice to fill the gap.  So with effect from 20th August, our home will be the Carpenters Arms and we will have our two regular Rotary meetings there each month.  Other social events will be at various locations in and around Sherborne.  Thank you Steve we appreciate your support.

If you are interested in Rotary in Sherborne, you are welcome to come to one of our meetings, but you do need to let us know in advance.  Just contact us and find out more.  

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