Week 3 – It’s all about the Show!

Three weeks into my year and our first big event took place on Sunday 15th, Sherborne Classic & Supercars at Sherborne Castle.

I apologise for talking about this for three weeks running but this really is such a fun event  because of the passion and enthusiasm of everyone involved from the exhibitors, the visitors, our celebrity guests, and the Rotarian’s who work so hard on the day to make it a success.

I think this show is unique in our Rotary District in that it is 3 clubs all working together bringing the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm which is need to run an event like this.  Just getting over 2,000 vehicles into the right field, and in the right place before 9.30am is a challenge in itself, and that fact that it happened fairly seamlessly is a credit to all those involved.

There were actually 63 Rotarians from the 3 clubs, Sherborne Castles, Yeo Vale and Brue Valley, on our rota for marshalling this year, in addition to the scouts who came along and washed tables and chairs on Saturday, and did litter picking on the site throughout the day.

This kind of collaboration between clubs and other local organisations is whatgRotary is about for me.   It makes an event like this so special, as a local event raising funds for local charities.

On Monday a few of of met at the Crown, which is our home when we are not out and about and over a drink and some nibbles, we mulled over the day and the financial outcome.  We will know that in a few weeks, but we can be sure that over £40,000 will be distributed to to local charities within a 30 mile radius of Sherborne.

Want to know more about Rotary in Sherborne?  

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