President Bruce Carries out his first Cheque Presentation to St Margaret’s Hospice

Newly installed as President, Bruce is already out and about making cheque presentations to deserving charities and good causes. On Tuesday he visited St Margaret’s Hospice, Yeovil with John Buckley who is our club’s Powerman UK co-ordinator. He and John were taken on a conducted tour of the Hospice by Anne Lee, the Clinical Director. The tranquillity of the building and grounds as well as the vast amount of background information about the hospice passed on by Anne Lee left a lasting impression.

President Bruce sits with Pamela in the Day Centre where she explains the details of the quilt she made and is now refurbishing to present to the Hospice as her ‘thank you’. With them are John, Ruth Jolley [on the right] the Day Hospice Leader, Chris Mowbray, Healthcare Assistant and Flora Richie, Student.

The presentation cheque of £500 was the clubs share of the funds distributed by RCSCF to the clubs who assisted at this years Powerman UK event. These funds were raised by Rotary Charity Fundraisers whilst participating in various challenging sporting events and held by RCSCF for Rotary nominated charities.

Submitted by Russ King

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