Philippines Disaster Appeal in Sherborne

We will be collecting in Cheap Street on Saturday and Sunday.  Please do help us to raise funds for Shelterbox.

The Rotary of Clubs of Sherborne Castles and Sherborne, and the Inner Wheel club are all working together this weekend to raise as much as possible for the people of the Philippines who desperately need help following the devastation created by Typhoon Haiyan .

Shelter Box already have a team on the ground in the Philippines and are utilising boxes in the country with more being shipped.   There is an urgent need for them to buy and fill more boxes and that is the purpose of our collection.


In addition to a tent these boxes are crammed full of the basic implements and tools which people need when everything they had is gone.    Much of the work done to pack and distribute these boxes is done by Rotary volunteers, and Rotary connections in country ensure that the boxes get to their destination as quickly as possible.   Rotary’s involvement with ShelterBox is key to ensuring that the money you give provides the help needed as quickly as possible.

Please do help us to help the people of the Philippines this weekend.

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