SHIFF Opening Night a Great Success

“Excellent choice of film” and “Best film I have seen for ages” were just two of the comments heard as film goers left the opening film of this years Sherborne International Film Festival last night.   This opening night film, Untouchable, is a French film based on a true story of a handicapped millionaire and his street-wise ex-con caretaker, and kept most of us laughing throughout.

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In the region of 100 people attended the opening night which started with wine and canapes and a brief opening speech by John Smithee, President of The Rotary Club of Sherborne Castles.   He explained how this event, now in its 5th year, was started by the Rotary Club of Sherborne Castles as an attempt to show the best that world cinema has to offer.  Not the Hollywood block-busters, but examples of the hundreds of excellent non-English language films being made around the world.   These films rarely come to this part of the world and this event has provided an opportunity to see many world cinema gems which otherwise we would never see.

There are another 9 not to be missed films to be shown on Friday, Saturday and Sunday this weekend, a mixture of drama and comedy, romance and mystery.

Profits from the event this year will be donated to  two beneficiaries.  The End  Polio Now campaign ,which is a major global Rotary project, and Sherborne’s newest charity, the Sherborne Community Arts Trust.   There is a wealth of activity going on in Sherborne and yet many of the clubs and associations in the town do not have an adequate home or venue to run their activities. The Arts Centre aims to remedy this.

Look around this news site to see what else we are doing in your community, or you can  contact us for more information.

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