More News From Malawi

We have received two more emails from David & Marjorie Pearson who are still working hard in Malawi.

16th February 2013
We arrived here on the 2nd of Feb and we had 3 days of sunshine, since then we have had torrential rain and thunder and lightning both day and night. Even the Malawians say “this is too much”

The projects we are working on are moving very slowly as driving and walking on the muddy roads is extremely difficult. Even the Joshua 4×4 struggles at times.

 The bridge has been completed and we saw it just before the rains started. It is amazing to see the difference it has made to the community and the children being able to cross the river to go to school safely, especially during these last weeks. There was much excitement from the ladies who carry large bags of maize and the children who carry the maize to the feeding centre across the river. We have not been able to see the river in full flood as it is impossible to take the vehicle there.
Read the full email 
RCSC – Malawi – Email from Marjorie David in Malawi – 16 02 13 

17th February 2013
David Paul has informed that there is just over £2000 left in the bridge account.

The contractor has agreed to carry out the reinforcement and rain drain on the bridge approaches and I will meet him this week to decide the dimensions of the concreting etc. It will be impossible to start work until the rains ease off and the road to the bridge dries out.

 I have tried to meet the director of Blantyre public works but every time I make an appointment to see him he fails to turn up. I have been told by Peter Barratt [ RC Limbe, who came to our club meeting ] the chance of him carrying out the contract on the approach road to the bridge as non-existent , but any how I will still try to pressurise him.
Read the full email
RCSC – Malawi – Email from David in Malawi – 17 02 13

How inspiring is all this?

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