Week 49 – Chris MacAdie – we will miss you

We have lost a colleague, an energetic member, a character and a friend with the sad death of Chris MacAdie last week.

Chris had been a member of Rotary since 1995 and when i joined a decade later, he seemed to be involved in all our projects and activities.  That was still the case up to 3 months ago when he suddenly became ill.

Chris was teamed up with me for my first progressive supper when I joined the club. He enjoyed a glass, or several, of red wine and was always fun to be with at many social events.   He always managed to correct my spelling and punctuation each time I sent him an email, and why did I always manage to spell his name incorrectly?

Past president and founder member, he left us for a while to go on a European adventure but he couldn’t stay away and rejoined us in 2015  since when he has been a very active member, always willing and able to lead our projects or be an active team member.

He will be greatly missed by so many people in Sherborne, and i have left it to a few of his Rotary friends to share their memories.

” I see from my old books Chris joined the Sherborne Rotary Club in the 1995 / 6 Rotary year. I am unable to say exactly when. He then joined the Castles Club when it was formed.  An unfortunate tragedy, He will be missed by a lot of people.”    John House

“I first met Chris in 1996 when we were founder members of the Rotary Club of Sherborne Castles (he was the founder treasurer). He was a great character with a special off-the-wall sense of humour and a fierce intellect that not everyone understood. He also had a particular affection for proper grammar and punctuation! In our mutual involvement with the Historic Vehicle Rally, Chris and I got on immensely well and I will certainly miss him.”     Brian Chant

“It is all going wonderfully well”.   It was until motor neurone disease struck so cruelly.
As a Founder Member, he contributed massively to our Club for 22 years, constantly volunteering to be an officer of the Club, and leading projects year after year.    And he never bored us with lengthy, self-indulgent reports. He just did stuff and told us what we needed to know.

President in 2003/2004.  Chris put fun into Rotary at the same time as putting in far more than his fair share to make the Club successful.   Very generous with his time for many other Sherborne organisations.  A great friend, always cheerful and humorous.  Whatever life threw at him, he remained positive and great company.   
I shall miss him at Rotary, in the Douzelage all over Europe, on our Tuesday walks, with the Motley Golfers, and in the Digby Tap.”     Mike B

Our sincere condolences to Chris’s family.  We have been advised by his son Robert that the funeral will be at 2pm on Thursday 20th June at Yeovil Crematorium, followed by a gathering at Sherborne Golf Club.

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