Week 45 – What are we doing to contribute?

As Rotarians we pride ourselves on making a difference, so how is Rotary in Sherborne making a difference with the biggest problem ever to face our planet – the affects of global warming.

What can we do to make a difference?

Ten years ago a spent a week with “The Conservation Volunteers” beach sweeping in Devon.  We collected and recorded everything we found and the data was used by the marine conservation society to assess the state of the seas around the UK.  What we found was shocking, most of it plastic in various states of breakdown into smaller and smaller pieces.   Now we all know the implications of what we were finding for our planet.

That holiday had a significant impact on me and ever since, whenever I walk in my village, I take a bag with me and i collect rubbish along the verges, which I bring home and recycle.  A small thing, but lots of small things make something huge which makes a difference.

So I have a challenge for us all.  Can each one of our members come up with one example of what they are doing to make a difference, and can we then all try and implement those ideas.  We have 31 members, which would be 31 ideas carried out by 31 members.  That suddenly seems like it is big enough to make a difference.  

My challenge to myself has for the past year has been to not buy food which comes on a plastic tray.  More difficult than I thought, yoghurt presents significant problems with this, and those annoying plastic trays which come hidden in a box of crackers!  Still working on this.


Between now and the end of the Rotary year, please can you help me with this challenge by sending me your thoughts and ideas about what we can do.  



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