Week 25 – Happy Xmas to you all

This year instead of sending Xmas cards, I have made a donation to Epilepsy Research UK and to the Daisy Garland charity.  

In the UK 1 in every 200 children will be diagnosed with epilepsy.  For many this is the end of a normal childhood and the start of an endless journey, with parents having to make difficult decisions every day about medications, all of which have side effects and which often don’t work, or alternative options such as the ketogenic diet.  So life becomes a cycle of night time monitors, day time helmets and seizure diaries, just to keep their child safe.

Epilepsy Research UK offers hope for these children and their parents, and The Daisy Garland, a family run charity, give much needed support 24 hours a day, to help them through the daily challenges of living with epilepsy.

Members and guests enjoying our Xmas meal 

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