Week 13 – The Rotary Four Way Test

What a helpful little tool this is.  Three times this week I have heard it mentioned, and one of them was by me!

When we join Rotary we are joining an organisation which has some simple guiding principles for our relationships with each other and the action we take in the world.    It was one of the things that attracted me to Rotary.  At the time i was running a small business dealing with some very big customers and having a simple moral code  to fall back on helped me more than once.  This week i was again handling some difficult business negotiations and again the four way test provided a moral compass.  So here it is:

Of the things we think, say or do:
Is it the TRUTH?
Is it FAIR to all concerned?
Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?”

Next time you have a dilemma try it out!

Sherborne International Film Festival – save the dates!  Thu 25 – Sun 28 October 2018 Powell Theatre, Abbey Road, Sherborne

Yes it is that time again.  Our 10th International Film Festival in Sherborne.

Check our web site for details of this year’s films.  

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