Village Life in Malawi

While the major construction work was going on in Malawi, there were a number of other projects which David and Marjorie have been working on which have significantly changed lives.

Feeding Kitchens
Most of the children in the village are orphans due to HIV/Aids and so feeding kitchens are needed to provide them with one or two meals each day.

The original feeding kitchens used old fashioned large cooking pots that were heated up over an open fire.   With the funds provided by Rotary Club of Sherborne Castles these were replaced with ‘Rocket’ stoves in all the feeding kitchens, and are hugely more effective and efficient.

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The Health Clinic
When David arrived in Malawi drinking water the to clinic had been cut off for some time as somebody had tapped into it where it ran over a rocky outcrop.   David negotiated with the water authority and arranged for it to be concreted in where it could not be buried and reconnected.   So the clinic now has a clean water supply.

This is the first baby born after dark in the history of this part of Africa, without the aid of a lamp or torch, due to the new electric lights connected to the health centre.  Also in the photograph are David and Sylvia Avgherinos. Sylvia is the founder trustee of the Joshua Orphan Trust and believe it or not, she is retiring to Sherborne having bought a house in the Wilderness.

Sewing Creates Independence
With funds provided by Rotary Club of Sherborne Castles Ruth, one of the village ladies, was able to attend a tailoring course at the Beehive Centre in Blantyre, and one of the men in the village was trained to repair sewing machines.

This has enabled the community sewing room to be opened up and the ladies can now make uniforms for the children to wear to school.   They sell them for a small amount enabling them to buy new consumables and the Joshua Orphan Trust provides the material.

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All this really is only the tip of an iceberg, none of these items seems big in itself, but cumulatively they have had a major impact on the community in that area.


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