We are all choc’d out!

Members of the club and their guests enjoyed an evening of chocolate tasting – and wine pairing – on Monday 25 March.

The evening started with a glass or two of rosé prosecco accompanied by a chocolate dipped strawberry. Once everyone was seated, the proceedings were ‘interrupted’ by Monica Havard and Maria Turner who were overheard discussing the obvious benefits of some pleasure-giving activity, thankfully revealed to be the eating of chocolate!

A total of nine chocolates were tasted during the evening all matched by delicious wines provided by Reg Wilkins and Quantock Wines. Roger Johnson led the proceedings, providing an outline of how chocolate is processed as well as a short history of this popular foodstuff, not forgetting its beneficial attributes if consumed in moderation.

Winners of the Chocolate Quiz show off their medals
Winners of the Chocolate Quiz show off their medals

A quiz tested the audience on their attention spans and listening capability and a raffle was drawn. At the end of a fun evening, a surplus of over £100 had been made to go towards the Club’s charity account.

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