Film Profile – The Midwife

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Claire, a midwife, is humane and helpful and gives herself entirely to her patients. Her hospital is about to close and she has no wish to work in a modern hospital, or baby factory as she calls them. She is single, does not make friends easily and her student son is gradually leaving home. It is at this moment that Beatrice, her late father’s former mistress re-enters her life.

Marvellously played by Catherine Deneuve, Beatrice who had abandoned her lover and his daughter some thirty years earlier causing untold grief and heartbreak, is Claire’s exact opposite – amoral, eccentric, spendthrift and sensual – the last kind of person she needs to mix with. But Beatrice has been diagnosed with brain cancer and has no-one else to turn to.

“Even when portraying the needy, near shambolic Beatrice in the Midwife Ms Deneuve is capable of vibrating with an elegance that implies both hauteur and froideur.”

Released: 2017
Running Time: 1h 57min


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