Week 17. Have you seen some amazing films?

What is it about international films that makes the Sherborne International Film Festival such a treat?

I have watched three very different films and each of them was entertaining and thought provoking, but there is a bit of extra magic.  And it is not too late to experience this as the film festival continues today (Sunday) with the last three films being shown at 2.30pm, 4.30pm and 7.30pm.    My favourite was In a Better World, a Danish Oscar winning film set in a Danish town and a Sudanese refugee camp.  Fast moving and thought provoking!

And i learned something.  This is the 10th year we have run this festival and i have only just learned how the season tickets work.  Each ticket provides ten seats in the theatre, but they don’t have to be at 10 different films.   So next year i am going to buy a season ticket and bring my daughter along to the films with me.

The International Film Festival is one of four major fundraising events Rotary holds in Sherborne each year.  This year in addition to supporting Rotary Project Global Sight Solutions, profits from this event will help us fund our youth activities in Sherborne.    So thank you to everyone who supported us.

October 24th was World Polio Day.

I was reading and article about polio eradication this week, and i have to say i found this really shocking.
“……..Before the idea of taking on polio eradication as a corporate project had been seriously raised; polio ravaged the lives of some 350,000 people, nearly all of them children, every year.

Today, the world is a very different place. Thanks to the vision of Rotary’s leaders then, and the commitment of the generations of Rotarians who have followed, we now have fewer cases of polio than at any time in history. As I write this message, only 14 children have been paralysed by the wild polio virus in all of 2018.  ……….”

Only 14 children were paralysed by polio – does the word “only” belong in that sentence?

Polio eradication will only be certified when at least three years have elapsed from the time the last polio virus is found anywhere in the world.  Until then every single child must be immunized, at a continuing cost of hundreds of millions of dollars per year. If any of that work is slowed or stopped, if any of our momentum is lost, we risk losing everything we have worked for, for so many years.

The Bill Gates foundation is still giving £2 for every £1 we raise for polio eradication to provide the vaccine.  If you would like to help you can find out more on the End Polio Now web site OR our club is happy to receive your donations which we will forward to the Polio Plus campaign.

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